A replication of the lamellar skin lipids as well as natural, plant-based ingredients from certified organic farming offer the ultimate protection against premature skin ageing and make the complexion noticeably and visibly more beautiful.

Made of alpine glacier water, edelweiss extract, algae active ingredients, biological hyaluronic acid, plant lecithin and shea nut.

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Not every man will like that there are signs of aging, because wrinkles adorn not all. Delay the appearance of such a problem is easy – this will help special cosmetics. The best option is to purchase Swiss Power Cosmetics for men. This tool with a natural composition, it has an instant lifting effect and restores the skin.

Why do you need a special cream

Modern men are accustomed to taking care of themselves, but, as a rule, they don’t go beyond the means of shaving. Few people use face cream, considering it to be a subject from the female arsenal. It is worth reconsidering views for several reasons:

  1. The skin loses its elasticity, freshness, begins to peel off and dim due to environmental exposure. Face cream protects against possible problems.
  2. The skin is injured during shaving. That is why the dermis needs extra protection.
  3. With age, wrinkles appear. After 30 years in the body decreases the production of collagen – a protein responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Because of this, wrinkles appear.

It is for the above reasons that you should think about how to buy a man’s face cream. If any doubts arise, they will disappear after the first use. The tool has a special lamellar structure that mimics the skin, and consists only of natural ingredients, which has an instant effect.

Why would you need it

Natural male face cream has a complex effect on the skin. The cosmetic performs several tasks at once:

  • reduces sensitivity;
  • softens the stratum corneum;
  • tightens pores;
  • protects against irritation and inflammation;
  • fights wrinkles;
  • normalizes sebum production;
  • protects cells from oxidation;
  • improves collagen synthesis;
  • provides hydration of the dermis;
  • stimulates cell respiration;
  • improves elasticity.

This comprehensive care is possible due to the fact that the composition of the Swiss cosmetics only natural ingredients. They have an instant effect and are absolutely harmless.


Aqua (water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pentylene Glycol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholine, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Leontopodium Alpinum (Edelweiss) Extract, Alcohol, Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract, Alaria Esculenta Extract, Ceramide 3.

Features of use

To get rid of problems with the skin is not enough to get a good men’s cream. It is important to be able to properly use the cosmetic.

The main rule – care should be permanent. The effect of using the cream will be noticeable immediately, but a deep impact is necessary to wait for 3-4 weeks. Only after this time it is possible to understand whether the cosmetic helps to preserve youth or it is better to choose another.

The second rule – the cream should be applied only to cleansed skin. Cold water is suitable for preparing the dermis. It is important to choose the right cleanser that does not dry and does not cause allergic reactions.

Apply cream with massage movements. You need to start from the middle of the forehead and go to the temples. Next, the tool is applied to the nose, at least – on the cheeks and chin. Each zone is taken a new portion of the cream, the size – no more than a pea. It should avoid the area around the eyes. The skin should not be stretched when applying cosmetics, as this will lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

In the morning, the cosmetic is applied at least 40-50 minutes. In winter time can be increased. If used for the night, it is applied an hour before bedtime.

The Swiss Power Cosmetics men’s cream presented on the site is enough for several months of active use.


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