Dermatologists and technicians sat down together and realised that standard creams are not at all compatible with the skin’s structure. Previous emulsions have a ball-shaped structure, while the skin is lamellar in its composition. Of course, a round object cannot fit into a square hole. The little balls in an emulsion had to be flattened to adapt them to the skin’s structure. This was the only way they could be ideally integrated into the skin and for their active ingredients to deliver their full potential. Therefore, the technicians set about developing a special procedure which, at a very high pressure of up to 1000 bar (1000 times the air pressure on the earth), enables the generation of an emulsion whose components are tiny platelets in micrometre dimensions (one thousandth of a pinhead). This is the basis of the success story of the unparalleled Swiss Power Cosmetics.

Holding this idea in their hands and envisaging the potential of such a “different cream”, the founders of Swiss Power Cosmetics, who also operate successfully with their other companies, developed a plan to implement and sell this potential in a new, unique skincare range.

The “Swiss Power Cosmetics SPC” brand was registered and the unique cream structure protected under the name BIOMATRIX.
Basic formulations were developed and tests carried out. The skin doctors who were involved were amazed and impressed. Then, the first products were produced and sold in Switzerland as well as granted access to the EU market. During the mandatory testing for market access, all expectations in terms of quality and compatibility were exceeded. Thus, our products were rated “excellent” by the Dermatest testing institute.