Biomatrix – The secret of the Swiss development

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Swiss Power Cosmetics


The structure of standard creams

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Naturally imitated – the structure of Swiss Power Cosmetics

The difference between the BIOMATRIX® of Swiss Power Cosmetics and the structure of standard cosmetic creams is clearly recognizable in microscopic images.

Standard creams contain fats and water which have to be stabilised in drop form using chemical emulsifiers. However, the emulsifiers they contain can destroy and wash out the natural skin protection barrier, which is very detrimental to the skin’s functioning.

In contrast, the BIOMATRIX® of Swiss Power Cosmetics is skin-identical, contains no chemical emulsifiers and even strengthens the natural skin barrier. A skin-identical matrix provides a 1000-times higher protection than the droplet structures of standard creams.

The secret of Swiss development

To understand the uniqueness of Swiss Power Cosmetics products, consider the structure of a conventional cosmetic cream. It consists of water, fats and synthetic and natural ingredients. Chemical stabilizers are necessary to connect these components and transform them into a uniform consistency. They are not beneficial, on the contrary, they can destroy the natural protective layer of the skin. Moreover, due to their large size, the active components do not penetrate into the dermis at the cellular level.

Natural products “Swiss Power Cosmetics” developed by technology BIOMATRIX. Its essence lies in the fact that the molecules of the cream create a layer resembling the membrane structure of the skin. Cosmetic particles have microscopic dimensions, so they penetrate deeply, nourishing the cells and promoting their regeneration. After a few days there is a lifting and intensive recovery of the skin.

The effectiveness of innovative technology was confirmed by tests by leading scientists in Switzerland. The products received an “Excellent” rating after passing through Dermatest research. The Swiss brand is in high demand in the EU market.

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